When you’re at the end of your rope, hope is what keeps you hanging on. 

Hope keeps us from giving up.  

Maybe I can lose weight with a new diet. 

Maybe they will find a cure for my cancer. 

Maybe my loved one will come back. 

Hope.  It’s so powerful.  But, hope in the wrong thing and we’re still stuck.  The new diet didn’t work.  The cancer still hurts. My loved one won’t love me.  False hopes are mirages that lead further into the desert sands of hopelessness.  We become desperate cynics.  Nothing works. 


when we come to our senses, we hope in the only one who can change us. 


The Prodigal Son turned around when he hoped in his father’s mercy. 

That’s what we’re doing at Living Hope.

We’re just a bunch of hopeful people because God’s mercy gave us hope.  His hope is alive, dynamic, transforming because Jesus conquered the greatest hopelessness, death, and is alive today to transfuse His power into all who hope in His Father.  Not another mirage, but a genuine, refreshing oasis is the welcoming, loving embrace of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  We want to be a church where any desert traveler can come and drink of the water of life with us and be living hope.


We gather every Sunday


9:00am and 10:45am

Living Hope Church

19691 S. Meyers Rd

Oregon City, OR 97045

CONTACT: 503.655.7390