The Most Important Thing About Your House

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The Carpenter taught us that there are two ways to build a house: on the sand or on the rock. What foundation are you building your life on?


The fool may work hard, sincerely, with great precision and expense to build his McMansion. But when the rains of circumstances beat on it, and the winds of adversity blast it, and the floods of problems rise, that house will fall with a great crash. I saw that foolish crash this week when an 88-year old man in Oregon City set his house on fire, killed a police officer, and then kill himself. All those years of building on sand ended by his house crashing on him and others in crazy destruction.

But, if we build our house on the foundation of the rock, it will provide us with protection from the storms of life. I saw that kind of house built by an older gentleman who died and went to heaven last week. He grew up in poverty in the Great Depression, fought in WWII, provided for and raised a godly family, one son a pastor; his granddaughter and her family in our church adored him. This wise man blessed his family with a sweet and enduring legacy because he built his house on the rock.

What is this rock? It is truth. Not just facts that may be supported by various philosophies about truth. Truth be known, unless we believe this Truth, we can only wonder with Governor Pilate’s cynical question, “What is truth?”

What is the sand the Carpenter warns us about? It is the ever-changing, “if it works for you”,if it feels good”, “latest surveys show that”, scientific theories-define-all- reality “truth” that is relative to the situation you are in now.

How audacious that a Jewish carpenter would claim that this foundation-rock truth is His teachings. How astonishing that Jesus calls a person “wise” who puts His words into practice. How sobering that Jesus calls us fools if we do not put His words into practice. Is He for real? Is He true? Yes.

How do we get this wisdom to build a house that blesses all in your neighborhood? It starts with this truth about God: “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” (Proverbs 9:10) Until we surrender to that God who said, “I am the Truth”, we will foolishly waste all our efforts building a house of cards that the big bad wolf could blow down with one puff. To “fear” the LORD is to respect what He has said is the truth and act upon His Word. As we come know God in truth, we will come to love and obey Him in Spirit—then we will build our house on a rock solid foundation.

Any other construction is foolish and disastrous.

For His glory,
Pastor Mike