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If we could sit down and talk, and you asked me “Pastor, besides fishing, football, and family, what are you thinking about that’s important to you?”,  here’s what I’d say….

“Your brothers throughout the world are suffering”

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My blog this week concerns the persecutions our brothers and sisters in Egypt (and Syria) are suffering for their faith.  This article gives us a new lens to look through to see what is really going on beyond what the news media chooses to show us.  Pray. For His glory, Pastor Mike   Worship Service from Burned-Out Egyptian Church   “Arson a ‘Small Price to Pay’ for Egyptian...

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“You will hear of wars and rumors of wars”

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  Jesus warns us that our world is in a downward death spiral. His prophecies in Matthew 24, 25, Mark 13, and Luke 21 weave together a scenario of very difficult, horrendous times that could explode like a house with a gas leak. Just one spark and boom. History has had many such sparks and explosions. And each generation thinks ours could be the last and final explosion. I do. As I write, Syria’s civil war is a gas...

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Is going to church like going to the dentist?

Posted by on Aug 22, 2013 in blog | Comments Off on Is going to church like going to the dentist?

Some people go to church like they go to the dentist. Once or twice a year for a cleaning and a check up. Usually at Christmas and Easter. They are CEO church attendees. Christmas and Easter Only. But, sometimes they have to return to church when they have an emergency and need to have a painful cavity in their soul filled. Others go to church like they are going to a concert. As spectators to be entertained. But they pay...

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Why We Sing In Church

Posted by on Aug 15, 2013 in blog | Comments Off on Why We Sing In Church

    Lots of people sing along at concerts, or sing along with their favorite songs on the radio or iPods. Some even manage to sing our national anthem at the beginning of the game. But, why do we always sing in church? Some people are just naturals at singing, even playing musical instruments. Even before the flood, there was Jubal “the father of all who play the harp and flute.” (Genesis 4:21). But, there are...

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Jesus said to her, “Daughter”

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Why? To give any credence to Brown’s Da Vinci’s Code’s ridiculous fantasy? Absolutely not. Why then? To give us a transforming insight into the very heart and identity of this itinerant rabbi from Nazareth—“THE Jesus”. The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke all record this miracle of Jesus healing a woman who for twelve years was plagued with continual menstrual bleeding. Each gospel makes it a point to record the...

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Why I don’t own a dog

Posted by on Jul 25, 2013 in blog | Comments Off on Why I don’t own a dog

Because a dog will own me? Perhaps. I love them. But, they are “high maintenance”. Judy and I have enjoyed serving three dachshunds during our married life. Sparky. Sam. And then there was Blue. A long haired, black brindle, dapple, something color, doxie. —he was the last dog I’ll ever “own.” Blue boy was a mellow, loving monster. In charge. But, so darn cute. This little yappy guardian of the gate kept all evil...

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Are you having fun yet?

Posted by on Jul 18, 2013 in blog | Comments Off on Are you having fun yet?

Sometimes, I wonder if I am the older brother in Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son. As I pastor, I have watched many turn from their relationship with God and run after whatever they think will make them happy and significant. I grieve for them. I grieve my loss of our friendship as I watch them wander off the road we were traveling together. Part of grief is anger; I admit I feel that urge to wallow in my anger when I...

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God works in mysterious ways

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Michael Martin Murphey is a superb song writer and singer of western music. He has 35 albums, but is probably best known for his #1 hit “Wildfire”. He is in the Western Music Hall of Fame. He even wrote the New Mexico state song. But, contrary to his bio, he was never a wrangler at Sky Ranch. I was.   Me at the corral on Horseshoe Lake Sky Ranch is a Christian camp in Texas where I worked as horsemanship instructor...

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“What Will Become Of Me?”

Posted by on Jul 4, 2013 in blog | Comments Off on “What Will Become Of Me?”

I will always remember this desperate cry of fear as Joan realized that Multiple Sclerosis was destroying her independence. The disease ravaged her brain so much  that at age 59 she would lose her home, her car, her friends, her church—everything—and move into an assisted living facility on Medicaid. That was fifteen years ago. I became her power of attorney and had to sell most of my sister-in-law’s possessions and...

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I’m Grieving for America

Posted by on Jun 26, 2013 in blog | Comments Off on I’m Grieving for America

I am deeply disappointed with the Supreme Court’s decision about the Defense of Marriage Act. The Supreme Court invalidated a part of the law defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman. Their decision is a setback for our country. The court has wronged a right and our country is worse off for it. Discrimination against us who believe Jesus’ definition of marriage has been enshrined in law. The Bible says,...

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